• 2023-02-06

Horizon Europe Clean Energy Transition

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      In the webinar on 3 February I showed this topic coming up in Horizon Europe. If you’re interested in investigating / forming a consortium, let us know.

      C5-D3-CC-01-2021: Clean Energy Transition

      The Clean Energy Transition partnership is expected to contribute to these overarching goals by pooling national and regional resources/funding programmes thus overcoming a fragmented approach to the energy transition in Europe. In its Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda, the Clean Energy Transition Partnership will address the following areas: Development of clean and affordable energy production and conversion technologies; Development of a climate neutral, flexible and robust energy system; Storage and its integration in the energy system; Resource and energy efficiency and circular flows in the energy sector for an ecologically sustainable energy system; A just and inclusive energy transition; Sector integration and coupling; and Digital transformation.

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