• 2023-02-06

Horizon Europe Resilience topics

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      In the webinar on 3 Feb I showed the following two RESILIENCE topics coming up in Horizon Europe Cluster 4. Let us know here if you would be interested in investigating / forming a consortium for one or both of these.

      RESILIENCE-11-2022: Developing digital platforms for the small scale extractive industry (RIA)

      Actions should develop digital platforms that integrate Earth Observation data, in situ data and data modelling, to improve data management and decision making during the extractive process. Proposals are encouraged to make use of, but not limited to, existing European data infrastructures.


      RESILIENCE-15-2022: Earth observation technologies for the mining life cycle in support of EU autonomy and transition to a climate-neutral economy (RIA)

      Actions should develop and innovate new methods to analyse Earth Observation data, enabling systematic mineral exploration and continuous monitoring of extraction, closure and post closure activities. These developments and innovations should be built upon Copernicus satellite  constellations, airborne and low-altitude platforms, ground based remote sensing, also including conventional in situ techniques, methods and field work measurements.

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